Sunday, August 24, 2008

Like 10-Year Olds

The long delay in writing has brought us to the end of August. I've been steadily recovering, my circle widening and I'm getting stronger week after week. One morning over this recovery period, I felt touched by the human spirit, like a bolt of light energy, that made me feel that I'd make it, that I'd been given the gift of recovery, that eventually I'd be all right. Over the month since I've left the hospital Dr Godley has moved my clinic visits to every other week, a huge change. Now I know what a bird feels like leaving the nest. It's hard to stray too far from the source of life but, for me like the young bird, it connotes progress, a change in status, a move toward Independence.

So, why the headline, what does that have to do with any of this? Well, tomorrow morning, MJ and I will hit the road on a 14-day trip that will include a stay on an island in Lake Erie, a wedding in rural Pennsylvania, NYC for the best of urban culture, food and visual treats, Washington DC to see Zach and a final few days in Annapolis with MJ's sister, maybe sailing, maybe eating, maybe playing cards, maybe laughing, maybe all of those things.

However, this is more than a trip, it's a sign of change. This trip will be the third time we've planned an escape of some kind. The previous two were interrupted by profound and rapid changes in my health. Tomorrow is real lift-off. Tomorrow morning at dawn in the Prius loaded with road food, fresh clothes, a full tank of gas and a fully-loaded GPS, we'll be heading into the morning sun, smiles on our faces, fresh coffee in hand heading east. And like I felt as a young boy heading across the desert to the California coast in the '48 Buick at midnight to beat the desert heat, my sister and I tucked in the back seat of the Buick that was roughly the size of a contemporary apartment bedroom, fully alive with anticipation, the thrill of travel, of change, of the ocean. Mary Joe has her own memories of these times as her father traveled the world with his family as an officer in the Air Force. The wonders of "going" were and are the same.

Like 10-year olds, we won't sleep much tonight.

With love,
Arnie and MJ