Saturday, November 29, 2008

Dispatches from the ICU: Saturday, 5 pm

Hi all. I wanted to provide a quick update. On Wednesday (or Maybe it was Thursday -- the days are blurring a bit), the Infectious Disease team performed a bronchoscopy in the hopes of identifying the source of his infection. The preliminary results were negative for anything hostile. Although that sounds good, it's not particularly helpful, as it doesn't provide them direction regarding what anti-biotic they should be using. It's important that they limit the number of anti-biotics he's exposed to as they can be toxic to his kidneys, which are already working overtime.

On the Arnie comfort front, he's still sedated -- and thus sleeping about 24 hours a day. A ventilator is providing the finest oxygen the University of Chicago has to offer, 'round the clock; the dialysis machine is humming happily. In total, he looks almost exactly like he has for the last two days: thoroughly asleep.

I'll post updates as they happen.