Friday, September 14, 2007

The Bright Side of the Moon

Well, long time no hear from me. I actually got a taste of what chemo can and often is like. After getting a pass on the post chemo effect from my first round last Friday, Tu.'s application was fine going in, but developed a kick as the night wore on and into the next day. Then on to the next as well.

But, woke this AM to the poking and prodding of well meaning nursing staff and the curious MD's that begin rounds at 6:30, feeling pretty good and feisty to boot. To that point, I put on some shoes and wandered down stairs to the cafe and got coffee and a toasted roll. Very nice - man can I clear a line out! Nothing like ordering your breakfast standing next to a guy with tubes hanging out of his shirt sleeve. As I get closer to neutropenic I'll need to stop that kind of road tripping.

Zach's 1/2 Marathon is this weekend- not sure how that works or what the length is. A foot marathon is 26.2 miles, I guess a good recreational bike ride is 40-50 miles as long as there are Starbucks well spaced along the route. But, don't know how long a bike marathon is. But, he's curtailing his usual social scene (read; local watering holes) for the weekend in a nod to his training regime- ah youth- what a wondrous state. Any way, ride well and be safe my Son.

I'm really happy with the way this blog works. I've "spoken" to people that I haven't seen in years for no other reason than our lives took different directions at some point- but they are all part of a wonderful bank of memories, of kids and summers and block parties and the kind of friendships that your children make that are devoted and innocent and pure in love and heart. Any way, it's good to hear from you all- thanks for checking in.

I believe that's it for the time being- I'll checkin tomorrow, assuredly much wiser that today.



Anonymous said...

well darn, i just wrote a comment on the wrong post. i'm happy to hear that today is going better. so go look at the post below and find my comment. love you! enjoy your coffee!


Dan said...


A. H. Goodwin said...

Look at the post before, as you were posting I was answering and it's on the Pivot Point post- working our way to the same page.

Anonymous said...

[So count me among the painfully naive-- because I went to the New Yorker looking for the article.]

RJS sent me the link-- and I'm very appreciative. I look forward to hearing from you and keeping in touch, albeit digitally. You're on my mind and I'm sending loads of positive stuff (thoughts, karma, prayer, etc.) your way.

love you,
Deborah S.

Anonymous said...

Hi Arnie,

With a little support from Zach I am trying out this new technology. I have a few pictures that convey my thoughts and feelings better than any words than I can think of now. Of course, if I had the talent of your family I could write a poem.... Anyway we are thinking about you and the family.

This is great technology -- after I write a post I get to choose an identity -- very interesting.

Love Amy, Laurie, Matt, Nancy and David

mark Drozd said...

Hey Arnie: it's a strange way to fall into it, but you are a natural at this blogging thing. In fact, after you get out of the hospital you need to get a cable-access show, or if you're feeling techy your own podcast routine. Keep it up, my friend. The world wants to hear from you.

Thinking about you,

Mark & Gail

A. H. Goodwin said...

I liked your solution to choosing a name- you choose 4- very web-like.
Any way, good to hear from you guys, zach can probably talk you through posting some photos- they'd make this already beautiful site even more beautiful- If he can't talk you thru it Carolyn Potts can, I'm sure. see you soon.

Rich said...


I like it. Those dulcet tones doing a pod cast on life in the Arnie lane. Very quotable:

"F___ me!"
"Awesome, man"
"You are so _____" (fill in the blank)

At Christmas we could do some carols together. It would be great.

I loved talking to you today. Keep up the good work. And Mark and Gail are absolutely right - you are a natural at this. When you get better, we'll work on the title and your theme song.

Subsonic-ly yours,


KDM said...


Thinking of you and sending best wishes your way. You are an inspiration and I'm happy to have learned from one of the best.

Kristen D'Arcy McAloon