Monday, September 24, 2007

An Embarssment of Riches

I was so tired today and didn't understand why. I have a big prejudice against just lying around and can't imagine feeling tired when the most strenuous thing I've done is brush my teeth. Two units of blood later I understand. I simply didn't have any fuel.

But that's not what I wanted to talk about. Ted came by this afternoon bearing gifts from the office. A stunning piece of creative work to make me laugh and read over and over. At it's heart its about what it's like to have SGDP "right there with me"- beautifully crafted, beautifully shot and uniquely individual in message from everyone- you'll never know the effect that has on me. I can feel the heart that beats at SGDP. I've got the poster version on my bathroom door, the booklet on my shelf next to my bed. And the paper flowers on my book table. Beautiful. I made Ted promise that if he looked at the time cards on this, he wouldn't tell me, we laughed and then talked for 2+ hours about business, life and loving people.

And that gets to the topic. An embarrassment of riches. No man has lived a richer life than me. No man has been luckier in love and circumstance. No man has been given more opportunities and respect and loving tolerance then me. To have a room full of friends, my family and the love of a good and wonderful women, it's simply an embarrassment of riches- this life of mine.



Rhonda K. said...

Love you, Arnie!

We had as much fun putting that book and poster together as you had reading them. Your spirit and influence has made a big impact on everyone here. Hope our "presence" in your room does the same for you.

And don't even get me started on the production of those flowers. :-)


mark drozd said...

You reap what you sow, pal . . . and I'm not talking about paper flowers here. The "Arnie Card" project was all about a show of heart from an organization that has had that same show of heart as its core since its inception. It's just coming back to you, is all, in the same way you've done for others for a long time.

We ARE there with you, Arnie.



ailsa said...

Those flowers! I appreciate the effort of crafters all over the world after that. That is all I will say :)

Hi Arnie!

Susan said...

LIke all of our best work, way late and over budget…but we sure had fun in the process. As always, I'm amazed at the wonderful collection of personalities and talents we have here.

We're holding you close in our hearts.

A. H. Goodwin said...

Well, I'm having the staff here take a number to get in and see this stuff. They love the poster version on the bathroom door and once the word got out among the staff, they're inventing reasons to come look at it. So, you all have done it again!

Thanks, A

Kim said...

Hi Arnie,
I was out of town (Vancouver) when the final poster and booklet got produced--I am sorry I didn’t get to sign it personally, but here is what I would have said:

I miss you and I think of you all the time... I am sending all of my best wishes, thoughts and energy to you. Also, hoping that you kick the big bugs quickly and don’t give MJ too much trouble in the meantime!


PS: As you may have noticed in my picture, if you accessorize well, the gown doesn’t look half bad!

Anonymous said...


As you know... Great work comes when there is a clearly articulated positioning and an emotional connection with the brand. You provide both.

We're with you ... everyday.

(can you tell I've been at a branding conference for two days?)

See you soon!

Anonymous said...

Arnie. If you're feeling up for it, I'd love to stop in tonight. Sometime between 5PM - 7PM. I'll call before to make sure you're up for it. Stay strong.


A. H. Goodwin said...

Between 5-7 would be great toninght. Looking forward to it.

nancy said...

you are amazing.
we love you, man.

nancy and joseph