Saturday, September 8, 2007

Is It Still Saturday?

OK, I know I was going to post once a day, but, well, I've been here all day, read books, walked the halls, read about Venice with MJ for a bit, sketched a little, re-written parts of my will which made me realize that if I was an attorney I'd have to have a day job because more than an hour of that stuff is about a light-year beyond my attention span. The big excitement is that I get to move rooms some time today, as they want me on the leukemia side of the ward where it's more sanitary as my immune system becomes less effective from the chemo. I'm also trying out a better "posting" technique that Z explained over the phone so he doesn't have to keep rerouting my posts. So, this short ramble is a test of sorts.
More later.


Zach said...

Success! Look at our little technophile go.

I also just re-posted your message from earlier in the day. I also gave it a title. If it's not to your liking, you can select the "edit" feature once logged in, and re-word. Might be good advanced-blogging practice.

Ok. That's all for now,

Anonymous said...

Zach, you are so patient with the old man. I have to talk real slow when I help him with his chipping, too. Maybe he should blog one handed too!

Best to the whole family, Rich