Saturday, September 8, 2007

Better Living through Chemistry

Well, it's Saturday morning and the first batch is in there kicking some cellular ass! I must say that the day was uneventful if one imagines what is really going on inside you. While the chemo, formulated to seek out the fast growing white cells finds its way to them, you actually feel nothing but a restlessness that comes with being tied down to a pole and a bag.

The post effects were not so benign; it took about an hour to feel the unique effects of the chemistry and it just kind of takes me down -- like a bad flu. But more magic chemistry, an anaemetic (sp) to quell the nausea, something for headache and I drifted off to sleep. I don't believe this is the end of that kind of reaction for this round, but I don't have the next infusion until Wednesday, so I don't believe I'll be uncomfortable the entire time between now and then.

Dr Godley was just in and thinks that my bumps have begun to recede -- I thought the same this morning, but didn't believe it possible. The other interesting thing is since what I have is a tumor (just on the skin) that the medical team can see the effects of the therapy immediately -- actually acting on a tumor and not having to rely only on lab and imaging to tell what's happening. This is immediate feedback to the therapies because they can actually watch it hour-to-hour change form.

Thanks for the new picture Zach -- taken at the church picnic I believe. Eri get to bed earlier, please don't worry. If you want to call, just do it -- if I don't feel well enough to talk, I wont answer or I'll let you know.

Dr Godley just told me that I'm moving to a better room on the north side of the ward -- I'll post the new phone and room number when I get moved it.

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Anonymous said...

i'm glad to hear that the chemo was a success! to think that your bumps are subsiding after only the first treatment is remarkable!!!! and a new room too! what more could you ask for? i bet your new room comes equipt(sp) with massage therapist, spa, and perfect skyline view of the city. what a life you have! i called you about 20 minutes after you called me but, alas, there was no answer. what a game of phone tag, huh? Sandi called me this morning looking to find out how your first round of chemo went and she also wanted to know just how many rounds you have? i dont even know, so i thought it would be a good idea to find out.
lets try to catch eachother at somepoint soon! keep focusing on your disappearing bumps!

love ya pops,