Sunday, September 9, 2007

Meditation and Veal Marsalla

John and Betty came for dinner last night and brought veal Marsala. John thought a good wine might add to the evening, but I declined given the odd chemistry that's circulating in my system. I may only be a brain surgeon, but I don't lack for common sense either. We dined in the sumptuous surrounding of TS 669, a light breeze furnished by personal Air King fan, the busy hum of "The Forefront of Medicine" plying its healing rhythms just outside the door. No candles, but the white bed linens provided a simple nod to cafe life.

I've noticed a lot of comments about my "short game" and I just want to mention that it seems very cowardly of those commentators to use MY BLOG, established in my time of greatest need, to bring up and make fun of MY SHORT GAME! What are you going to do when you don't have me to kick around? I have meditation CD's that I listen to each night, my favorites are "You Too Can Chip", "Total Mind/Body Chipping" and "You Are Not Your Short Game" (my favorite). Since I'm semi-retired I'm guessing that my game will become one of fairways and greens in regulation, now that the implusivity of youth is behind me. We'll see, Spring is a short 7 months away. And have you ever met a old guy with a bad short game?

Lastly, feeling pretty well today -- my lesions continue to get smaller, but I don't think less dense. However, it feels like these things are on the move and the oncology geeks are all tilting their heads, squinting and pursing their lips with curiosity. They've not seen this before and it really excites the instincts for learning that got them here in the first place.


Kim said...

Hi Arnie,
It is Monday morning and I am missing you at the coffee pot. I feel much better now that I have this blog to keep me connected to you. I am thinking about you all the time and sending my love your way. Thank you for your email today. It was a little difficult to get through, but it meant so much.

Well... in honor of your first round of chemo, I will try to create something great today. Give MJ a kiss for me--and remember what I said about the cheesecake and the green Jello...

Really miss you,

Dan MacLean said...


I'm loving the blog. What a way to stay connected. Didn't know about your short game problems. Took a round of golf on vacation with my two boys and one of the daughters in law. Found I too have problems with my short game. Also my long game. If i could just correct those two, I'd be chasing Tiger Woods.

Good to hear you sounding chipper. Your entries make my day. Keep them coming.

My best,


Candi said...

Hi Arnie,
I love being able to log in, and see what’s going on. (Instead of waiting for updates from Sandi – not that I don’t enjoy talking to her!) I hope the treatments continue to “interest” the doctors, and work at a much faster pace than expected. Life in the salad world is a little boring today. Although I got to meet with our E&Y auditors for the first time today, and it turns out they don’t know Eric…. I guess the company has a few employees? I’m that person that always thinks if you go to school somewhere, or work someplace, that you automatically know everyone! Well just wanted to let you know I was thinking of you. Hope you’re having a good Monday,

Anonymous said...

A-Man (now isn't that special),

Commenting on your short game - us? Not fair game? Get over it. You played that card last time. Although I did like the comment about old guys always having a good short game. The only thing is - they are using their woods.

I am tickled about your shrinking lumps. And I am really looking forward to seeing you with that tasty treat on Wed. (No - not MJ - Tandoori). Any other special orders?