Monday, September 10, 2007

Now, Now!

Monday, 3:30 PM
I might feel a little differently if we were on a death watch or something here, but I must admit, that I feel far from my last days on this earth, if the food were better, my stay here would be hard to criticize.

Monday, 8:30 PM
I guess this is less than breaking news now and I've lost the thematic thread to this comment anyway. Today has been a lot of activity in some ways, with several derms and rheumatologist by to see the rash and talk about the onset (how fast, how dense, pain, etc.). More tests and curious inquiry.
Tomorrow (9/11) is another round of chemo, 6-hours like last week, here's hoping for similar results. The long and the short of it is- I feel pretty damn good for a guy who has cancer and pretty damn lucky to have a lot of wonderful people looking after me. Life is good.


Dan MacLean said...

You're amazing Arnie.

When do we get to visit?, or is that verboten because of the immune system piece?

Also, what about snail mail? Seems I saw an address for you, but can't lay my hands on it. I have some New Yorker jokes that I can't scan onto the blog.

Let us hear how it goes tomorrow.

My best,


A. H. Goodwin said...

Hey Dan,
We are now having a conversation in the public sphere of cyberspace- it's just so big and we're so few that no one knows we're out here. Any way, I'll let you all know how it goes tomorrow, don't anticipate any problems.

5841 S Maryland
Chicago, IL 60637
Rm TS-669

Sue said...

You know, I'm not sure what I want to say. Maybe I should have gone with "other" or "anonymous" for the sign-in.
What's a "short game", anyway? You don't have to tell me if it is something embarrassing- I can ask tomorrow at work:)Oh- I bet it has something to do with golf! tee hee...
You are doing a great job keeping things together. I'm with Dan-not really of course, I don't even know who he is...but put your address in here, I'll send you some stuff.

I am taking off Mon., Tue. and Wed. next week. I know it's too early to tell what you'll be feeling like... If you want a few minutes of diversion, perhaps at whatever time of day is the longest for you, I'd love to come over for a bit. Perhaps you would like to hear something read aloud? You do recall my melodious twang, I trust? Or we can sit around and make up puns or word games or something. Whatever-your call. Just as long as we don't have to go on the computer for anything. I am so sick of qwertyuiop, I can't begin to tell you! But it pays the bills. You know, I've never written on a blog before. I was left to explain "blog" to Uncle Charlie yesterday, at the retired policeman's corned beef and cabbage dinner on the south side. How can a little 4 letter word be so hard to describe? But then, so many things are hard to describe in mid-life. Now is the time I find myself wanting to explain everything I think I have figured out, to everybody who hasn't. Well, articulate is in the ear of the guy who doesn't need the hearing aid yet.
It goes without saying that you are in my thougths every single day.
Later, gator!

Rhonda K. said...

Hey Arnie:

Glad to hear you had a good day yesterday! Chemo is so different in real life than in the movies, huh? Thinking of you and hoping for another good day today.


Carol said...

Sue forwarded your blogsite to me, and I don't think there is ever a bad time to make new friends. I went to high school with Vicki(freshman biology lab partner)and Sue,and I know that if you were married to Vicki you would of necessity be intelligent,quick, funny, and have really strong character. All very good qualities to have in your situation. Continue to grow in strength and faith every day, and sincere congratulations to you and your new bride!


susan s. said...

Hi Arnie,

Rhonda K. just emailed me and told me of your diagnosis. I'm so sorry you have to go though this.

You might remember my brother was diagnosed with leukemia 8 years ago, that's how Rhonda and I met. I've spent most of my time researching and coordinating his health care. He was treated at every major hospital in Chicago (U of C included) and also at MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, TX. If you like to talk, I'd be happy to. I have a wealth of information to share. You can call me at 312-752-5575 whenever you like.

Love your blog, you have a great attitude and a great support system! That's what it takes to get though this!

Wish you well and a speedy recovery.

Susan Spallina

Sharon Heil said...

Hi Arnie,
I'm really enjoying your blog. You're such a good writer, a skill that seems redundant when you're dubbed a "venerable lion in the Chicago design scene."

Stay positive and strong! I too will send you some snail mail soon. I find it quaint and altogether pleasing, don't you?

big hug,

mark drozd said...

Hail, me hearty Bloggo!
Your spirits seem strong, and we all like that, back at the AG Fan Club, aka SGDP. We're thinking of you as the daily ebb and flow ebbs and flows. It's been your basic Tuesday. I guess every day is a new adventure for you right now, huh? Maybe somebody out there has the Master's Tournament on Tivo for you? The call for snail mail has been sounded. Keep striding, buddy. Waiting for your next installment.