Wednesday, September 5, 2007

What a Send Off

Zach, thanks for verse -- it's not often you've seen me poised on the prow of my small craft like that. Believe I'll strike that pose more often, however -- especially when going to battle. There's something noble in it. I wonder if I can ride a gurney with as much dignity? We'll see.



Zach said...

Hey Pa,

I've toyed with the settings on your blog a bit, and now anyone can respond to a post with comments. No need for passwords or usernames. (You'll be the only person who will need one.) I've also set it so that you are sent an email (at anytime someone comments or posts. If all goes as planned, you should get an email about this about this very "comment" as soon as I publish.

In other news, I've reclaimed my phone, and I'm back in action. I'll give you a call in the early afternoon.


Anonymous said...

Hey Papa!
considering our conversation was cut short it looks like i'm going to have to say my farewells here. This may be a long journey but you've got all the family and friends in the world to stand beside you. I know you are going to be strong and try to keep your spirits up! I'm sure the hair net looks absolutely lovely on you and it's bound to become the next fashion craze so you're just ahead of your time! I'll be thinking of you during school wishing i could be there by your bedside so keep your chin up, were gonna beat this! I love you indefinitely and intend to find a cure for cancer within the next few days. I LOVE YOU!!!! talk to you soon.
Be strong.


A. H. Goodwin said...

Get going on that cure, this hair net is starting to itch. I haven't lost my hair yet- so there's still time if you'll hurry. How'd you like my profile? I think this will be fun.
Love you a bunch!!

Anonymous said...

hello again,
Just like anything that is writen by Zach, your profile is witty and true. I think it fits you perfectly!! I think this is gonna be a great way to keep in touch! did you send the blog out to everyone yet? you should definitely send it to grandma and sandi and the kids too, i know they would love to be kept up to date on your progress. talk to you soon, stay handsom!!


Anonymous said...

Woa!!! Those are some MIGHTY impressive pecs in that photo, Arnie! There must be somethin' pretty damn strong in that Chicago water!

And strong, you are, as well.

Us, too. We are all there - circling you. Starting tonight.


A. H. Goodwin said...
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Anonymous said...

Well, what a way to start the day! We are going to miss you at the church golf outing. Perhaps we need to name a new prize after you. I'm thinking of the Arnie Goodwin "We're Not Out of the Woods Just Yet" award for the most recovery shots needed. You, my friend, are not out of the woods, but all of us are in there with you (and Kritzler and Grodrian have their chain saws).

God be with you Arn. I'll watch this space for further developments. If you get bored, give me a call - I'll email you my new work number. Love to Mary Jo.


Anonymous said...

hello father!

i hope everything went as well as it could today/yesterday. obviously chemo isn't really a joy ride, but i hope you are still in good spirits... thats the most important part. i was thinking of you all day and hoping to transfer you strength through my brain waves!!! i sent you a text after you texted me, i wanted to make sure you got it but i didn't want to call because i wasn't sure how you were feeling. i hope you didn't think that i forgot about you! well, it's three in the morning here and i have yet to hit the sak so i guess this is my time. i'll be dreaming of a speedy recovery.

love you tons,

stefan said...

How it saddens me to realize after all these years that Arnie has left the proverbial building. After working with Arnie for 10 years I moved back to Europe and lost contact. But Arnie was a true designer that inspired me to believe in my own convictions, he made me grow. We worked late hours on Flash Dance and Thief, just to name some well known projects, but also on several other remarkable accomplishments. Some never saw daylight, but never the less I was blessed to be present and participate when he made his magic. I doubt he rests in peace, he's busy redesigning heaven.