Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Grinding It Out II

I just re-read my last post and found it quite accurate to my mood and condition at the time. While many of the nagging abrasions that dominated the entry are still with me, I've regained some of the long view required to do this thing with at least some grace. While I hated my last entry personally it was also cathartic in many ways. I believe I simply needed to whine.

My recent visit to clinic was yesterday and I realized that just 3-weeks ago I couldn't get around to my tests without a wheelchair and someone to drive me to UCH. A day at clinic would exhaust me to the point that I'd sleep on the way home and climb into bed when I did get home. Now, I'm driving myself, walking to my tests and reading as I wait to be seen by my team, a huge change in just 3-weeks. The nurses and administrators who see me each week all comment on how good I look and how well I seem to be doing. That's how fast things change.

Here's an update from the medical front. I have a full blood panel done each week because this disease is all about my blood and the creep toward normal ranges across the spectrum of tests. This week my number were outstandingly boring which brought a huge smile to the my oncology team. Given my limited understanding of the 45 lines of blood analysis, I'll take their enthusiastic response to mean an improving and more stable situation.

So, what should one take from this? My sister's platelets are engrafted and doing their job remaking my blood system. The problems that I have are treatable and expected. While I'm far from 100%, I'm feeling great and getting stronger as the days grind on. I'm looking forward to a spring and summer of healing and increasing activity and I am forever grateful for your love, concern and unflagging support, it makes a huge difference every day. 

Thank you all,



Nancy said...

YOU ROCK, Arnie. (And so does your sister.)

Kim said...

Hi Arnie,
I am so happy that you are feeling better! Susan mentioned how good it was to see you this past weekend--I was glad to know that you were up and out enjoying family and the beautiful weather. We are all missing you here at SGDP and are thinking about you all the time! Can’t wait to see you... take good care and have a FANTASTIC birthday celebration.
Love, Kim

Deb Fletcher said...

Go Arnie!! The human body is an amazing thing and you are an amazing human. Glad to hear you're feeling better. :)

xo Deb

Janet said...

What good news! Great to read a blog again. It may be raining and cold today, but next week is predicted to bring 70's...the light at the end of the tunnel...thinking of you often.
Jan and Larry

Anonymous said...

Hi Arnie:

It is awesome to hear that you are feeling better! Great job on hitting those milestones towards getting "normal" again. Thinking of you...

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