Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Turning On A dime

It's been two weeks since my last post and as the headline indicates things can change fast and they did. About a minute after I posted the last entry things began to change. While it was a short period, about 2-weeks, my last CT scan showed a very small leasion on my lung. It was very undefined and very small, but my team felt like they should biopsy it to confirm their suspicion that it was a small fungal growth. Fungus is a common side effect of transplant, so while they don't like to see it, it's also not unexpected. So, between the proceedure and a mit-full of new medications, I had a harder couple of weeks than the previous ones. 

However, I'm back to where I was when I made the last entry on April 8th. I feel better each day and have been able to be outside to enjoy this latest touch of spring. To tell the truth, the weather is as potent a healer as my medications after a winter like we've had. My last clinic on Monday had my oncology team smiling as my blood numbers are still improving to "normal" and I'm disease free, which is huge given the tenacity of my particular style of cancer. For that, I'm gratful and thankful and that gives me the kind of energy and renewed courage to deal with these day-to-day stumbles that are simply part of healing.

So, two weeks has taken me through the gamit of emotions and physical change only to deliver me back to the spot I stood before- that's the path of healing and that's good and I'm fine, renewed and looking forward to a healthier tomorrow.

Thank you all for the continued support and love- there is no substitute to these healing powers.



Anonymous said...

Still with you, Arnie!And you know what the sun and spring are metaphors for. Fight on, friend. You are in our hearts every day.


Nancy said...

I hear you also had a birthday! I was with your friends Susan Bennett, Dian Sourelis and Frank Bob...

love and positive energy to you and MJ...


Anonymous said...

Birthdays mean so much more now, don't they? I'm glad that as yours came around you had good news. But we Aries are fighters!

You're in my heart and thoughts--always.


Heather Corcoran said...

Dear Arnie,

I have been following your blog for many months now, thinking of you often, and wishing you the very best through each of these trials that have have endured. It is refreshing to read your own voice, loud and clear, on your blog and to hear you so positive and hopeful. I am glad that you have maintained your sense of humor through all that you have endured.

I have actually written you a couple of cards and sent them to the hospital when you were there at a few different points, but both were returned to me; I guess you were discharged too quickly each time. Which is a good thing. They are old news now, but were my attempt to communicate my good wishes after learning about your health challenges.

I am sorry it has taken me so long to write to you electronically. But spring is here now and it seemed like the right time. Our family is celebrating at the moment—I just had a baby boy a month ago. Although sleeplessness gets no better with age, it is wonderful to have a baby, particularly in the spring. It feels like he is a sign of newness and potential. His name is Sam Clement Thompson, by the way. Clement was initially inspired by Clement Hurd, the illustrator of Good Night Moon. I am guessing that you know his work, given your two children and your own inclination to draw. :)

Please know that I am thinking of you often, inspired by your blog, and so glad to hear all of the supportive voices around you. The SGDP voices are the ones among them that I know best. I am so happy that I was a part of that office and that group of people. It has been nearly ten years since I met you at the suburban location, if you can believe it.

Happy spring.

Heather Corcoran

Nancy said...

Arnie, I hope you're doing okay. Miss you!