Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Time Flies

Its been a little more than 2-weeks since my last post. I didn't realize It had been that long, but each day is much like the others in some form. The idea of being as free as I am to deal with my recovery is both a blessing and a interesting kind of curse. The blessings are obvious and truly make my recovery an experience that allows me the freedom to focus on healing, be at my various clinics when they'd like me there and not have to negotiate my time with an employer. In truth, I wouldn't know how to cope if I had many other masters to serve besides my illness. 

I've had a good run of healing in the last 2-weeks. The spot on my lung didn't show anything, either fungal or otherwise, but it looks to all, who make their living interpreting such things that it is consistent with fungal growth. Basically the sample was so small that it didn't grow anything period. I've seen a few specialists since and they are agreed to basically treat it as fungus and watch it.

My energy has been good and my blood work is "perfect" according to the lovely Dr. Lucy Godley, my oncologist. I have to say the team has been really great to go through this with, they have enthusiasm, compassion and a upbeat manner that gives me courage and a since of progress even when I'm feeling progress is too slow or simply like a dog, chasing its own tail, never winning, but never loosing either.

I believe that's it for the moment. Take heart that things are progressing, it's still a long time to normal, but I feel better each week. When I don't feel I'm making progress, I try to remember that in March I couldn't even get around to my clinic appointments without a wheelchair to get from station to station. Oddly enough the wheelchair was an improvement over the previous months, so everything is relative and context always informs where you really are.

Thanks always for keeping track and keeping in touch through this wonderful tool. I'll keep posting.




marcusn said...

roll on, my dear friend.

great to hear you're grooving - positively.

kim t said...

Hi Arnie,
Been thinking about you a lot and glad to see your new post. Keep on keeping on. I can’t wait for the day I see you stroll through the door here at SGDP.

mark said...

Arnie: you are still on everyone's minds and in all our hearts. Your reports of feeling better gladden us . . .
listen: hear that steady murmer coming out of the Northeast? That's us, cheering you on, buddy. Keep up the spirit and attitude and wonder.


Nancy said...

Geez, Arn. what a ride. We miss you. We'd love to see you when you're up for it.