Friday, July 11, 2008

A good Friday

Arnie's on oral prednisone and able to leave here. There is a multi-function recliner chair with it's own little rooftop waiting for him on the deck. Everyone's flurrying around ordering final treatments and determining which drugs need to be written and by whom. Stitches coming out. Arnie looks great. Skinny. Finicky about food. Trying stuff. And when he's outahere, he stands a much better chance of finishing his food before he has to be interviewed by health professionals who inquire about his appetite. Now his cinnamon roll is cold and laying on a surface. And to be left alone all night to sleep will probably help, you think? Uh oh. A problem removing the sutures is probably going to involve getting the thoraxic team's involvement. So close! More soon. But I have to believe he's still getting out today. Thanks for the cards Kids and comments. MJ and Arnie


Carol said...

Hey Arnie!

You sure know how to give a girl a birthday present she can really appreciate. Many happy returns--home that is!

My best wishes for your speedy recovery.


mark said...

A roof deck and comfy chair sounds like just the right medicine at this point! Go Arnie, go! Chill Arnie, chill.



Julia said...

Arnie, I hope you are now sitting in your reclining deck chair under the shade of MJ's deck plants, with an appetite for something sinfully delicious. I've thought about you more often than I've written, but know that we're rooting for you.

Julia and Michael Peters

Janet said...

Thinking of you on this beautiful summer day, Arnie. Hoping you're relaxing under the plants enjoying the sunshine. Think of you often and anxious to hear that you're feeling much better now! Jan and Larry

David Kwo said...

Hey Arnie - I discovered this past Friday that it is not a good idea to be out until 3 AM and then attempt to play golf the next day...I hope the Cubbies will treat you well over the next 4 days as we head up to Milwaukee. Thinking of you.