Monday, July 7, 2008

Monday Again

What he came here to do last Monday night has been accomplished. The lung and bone marrow biopsies are completed. The intestinal thing is culturing. The top line diagnosis of the lung tissue is Graft vs Host Disease which they will treat starting today with 4x a day injected steroids. MRSA (stands for something like common antibiotic resistant staph, common to hospital workers and people who have a weakened immune system) also showed up in the earliest lab results. They'll start treatment of the GVHD here at the hospital, it can't be done at home because of its frequency of dosage. Though all the results aren't in, the pulmonologist doesn't want to wait. I believe testing for progress will be done with CT scan only, in addition to improved symptoms. But, he'll need to be here for, I could say several more days, but I don't even annoy them by asking anymore. How can they possibly know--but when the dose is reduced to fewer injections, and maybe oral prednisone, he'll go home. Soon, I predict, he'll be bored and irritable, a sure sign of improvement. For now, he's drifty and recovering once again from the anesthetic administered for this morning's bone marrow biopsy. More soon--it should be much better in a few days. MJ


mark said...

In his struggles and battles, Arnie has become a real hero and inspiration to a lot of us. Starting with me. But MJ and everyone else taking care of Arnie and watching out for his best interests are closing in right behind on that hero roster. God bless all of you guys.



Rhonda K. said...

Hi Arnie and MJ:

You both continue to be in my thoughts and prayers. I am happy to hear that the docs are getting to the root of the problems and will be steering Arnie's recovery back in the right direction. Stay strong!


Anonymous said...

Holding you both close in my heart and am so sorry you're spending these beautiful summer days in hospital land.
Love, Susan