Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Arnie's Poopin'

He's pissed (good sign) at all the poopin. But he asked me to write up the story I told him upon arrival. Coming up the garage elevator I met a tall Black couple in their early 40's maybe. She was in considerable pain and looked to have suffered a stroke at some time. They were hoping to find a wheelchair on 3 and had to go back down to the bridge for the husband to go to the lobby to get one. She was on his arm and prepared to walk with him. I said what can I do to help, should I go down and get the wheelchair or shall I stay with her while you go? He said thanks, maybe if you would just stay here and I'll get the chair. So she and I stood in the window, she leaning against the handrail. I'm in so much pain she said, it's been with me a year now, sometimes worse than others. They don't know what it is but when it gets this bad I just keep coming to the neurologists and they give me something for the pain but they can't really fix the seizures and muscle contractions. I have 4 kids, my youngest is 2 and everyday I get to be with them is a blessing, you know we're none of us guaranteed a tomorrow. And this is changed my perspective on life and I see the blessings all around me everyday and it helps me to believe it's a part of God's plan for me and my family. I said, my husband is being treated for a cancer only about 150 people have ever had. The biggest blessing is that he was accurately diagnosed from the start because we are at this place. The oncologists are concocting a protocol that is dicey on one hand and customized on the other. And he's really laid low today. But I feel on a deep level he and I have an agreement to come together and help each other through the really hard parts, so I have faith that God knows, you know? God knows. So just as she and I were looking solemnly at each other and our words were all said, her husband arrived with the wheelchair and we helped her sit. He said to me, your shoe is untied and he knelt down and tied my shoe. When he stood up, he said, Can't be trippin'. We laughed and I said, No we can't be trippin' now. I said well, goodbye you darlings and they said in unison "Bless you."

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